Our work is about:

“A” (art) — developing and producing autonomous objects which can be placed in the public space. Also, creating objects with different materials. Maximum creativity and freedom is our motto here.

“I” (interior) — designing and realising interiors for homes and businesses alike. We are able to take both small and large-scale projects from idea to fully functional spaces. Our work is also strongly values-driven: we strive to maintain responsible and sustainable environmental practices with the materials we choose to work with as well as design that emphasises aesthetic and highlights functionality. With our clients, trustworthiness and satisfaction with the end result is very important for us — as well as a good cup of coffee during the break!

“F” (furniture) — conceptualising and creating furniture. The ideation, material knowledge and technical craft of the furniture maker all come together here. All senses from sight to touch and even smell should interact here in a harmonious and dynamic way. Every furniture is a unique product.

AIFA stands for unique and creative solutions. It is our aim to be engaged with all levels of architectonic design.